April 16, 2021, 9:47 a.m.

Server Capacity

Matrix 50 / 3500 Open


Jangan None
Bandit None
April 17, 2021, noon
April 18, 2021, 12:30 p.m.



  • No hourly Silk reward
  • Monster spawns and respawns are improved greatly
  • Party monster spawns require 4 players


  • Chinese buffed 15% damage/defense to be competitive with Europeans
  • Chinese have a passive to reduce bad statuses
  • Chinese and European weapon damage has been updated to be in line with iSRO

Starting Items

  • 10,000 SP
  • No gold


  • Max plus for all items is 10
  • Advanced elixirs are enabled
  • Rates are unchanged (hard)

Capture the Flag Rewards

  • 8D Immortal
  • 8D Luck
  • Weapon, armor, and shield elixirs
  • Evation, hit, speed agility scrolls
  • HP/MP 500 increase
  • Various grains

Town System

  • It is possible to be attacked by another player in all towns except Jangan and Constantinople
  • This adds an interesting dynamic to the Honor Point system


  • Trading starts at level 20
  • One character is allowed in a job suit per PC
  • No Silk transports - level 70+ trade transports can be bought from the Stable NPC

Forgotten World

  • Some Talismans are tradable
  • Dimension Hole's can be purchased from the Arena Manager for gold
  • 8D rewards are untradable Star/Moon weapons
  • Two characters per PC are permitted inside the Forgotten World area
Tradable Talismans
  • Red tears
  • Togui mask
  • Puppet
  • Spell paper
  • Fire flower
  • Flame of oblivion
  • Hearthstone flame
  • Honghaeah armor
  • Silver pendant
  • Logbook
  • Portrait of a Woman
  • Diamond watch
  • Broken key
  • Phantom harp
  • Vindictive spirit's bead
  • Commander's patch

Activity Rewards (upcoming)

  • The top 5 players that have the most unique kills, honor points, and bounty kills each month may receive a Silk reward or a real money reward
  • All stats will then be wiped at the end of every month
  • This depends on server activity in the future

Honor Point System

You must create an academy to participate in this system and you will only gain points if they also have an academy and are within 5 levels of your character. If you die or kill someone without an academy you will not gain/lose any HP. Silk Points are tracked with Honor Points which can be redeemed for certain items at the storage NPC.

  1. Every kill (everything but cape PVP) grants you 15 honor points (HP) - if you murder them you gain 20 HP
  2. Every death causes you to lose 5 HP if you have any
  3. You will only receive a point from any character if 10 minutes have passed from the last time you killed them
  4. If you reach a certain number of HP you may be placed into the bounty system, and then if you die by another player, you will lose more HP

Bounty System

  1. All kills/deaths are based on honor points (HP)
  2. If you are placed into the bounty system, everyone in the server will be alerted to your location. If you die you lose 15 HP x bounty level. If you kill someone you gain 15 HP x bounty level.
  3. If you hunt someone that has a bounty you will gain 15 HP x bounty level. If you murder them you gain 15 HP x bounty level + 1.
  4. Silk points can be used to purchase specific items at the storage NPC
  • Honor Points are updated on server restart (usually every Friday or Saturday before fortress war) for buffs.
  • Silk Points are updated on each teleport and can be used to redeem the rewards below immediately.

Rewards (redeemed with Silk Points)
  • 8D Star/Moon/Sun
  • 8D Astral/Immortal
  • HP Increase 1900/2800/4100
  • MP Increase 1900/2800/4100
  • Honor Alchemy Stone (repairs honor weapons)
  • ... more to come!

PK System (subject to change)

  1. Murdering another player will only cause you to gain 50 penalty points x the murder level with a maximum of 5000 penalty points and no daily PK limits.
  2. Dying with murder status removes 50 penalty points.
  3. Dying in general causes you to lose more experience than usual no matter if you have murder status or not.
  4. It is not possible to drop an item with or without murder status.

Arena Coin System

  • Arena Coins can be obtained from hunting uniques or participating in the Arena system
  • Coins (plus gold) can be used to purchase certain items (EXP increase, Gold Dragon Flag, and more) from the Arena Item Manager NPC inside the Hotan town
  • Arena Coins and the rewards are not tradable

Treasure Hunt System

  • During a random time throughout the day a valuable item may be dropped
  • You will have approximately 15 minutes to find it before it disappears

Unique Hunt System

  • During a random time throughout the day uniques may spawn at different locations
  • Rewards are standard unique drops and Arena Coins
  • Normal uniques respawn faster

Server Rates

  • 80 cap to start
  • 4 HWID / 8 IP
  • CH/EU
  • 3x EXP / SP
  • 3x Drop rate (higher probability for blues)
  • 1x SOX rate
  • 1x Gold rate
  • 1.5x Quest EXP
  • 4x Quest SP EXP / SP
  • Old job system - high rates
  • Capture the Flag
  • Battle Arena
  • Job cave - to be enabled later
  • Forgotten World - SoM reward
  • Bounty system
  • ... see more

Honor Points